Very few elements of Nature are as fascinating to us humans as clouds. Clouds, chameleons of the atmosphere, can be found over every inch of our planet. Clouds can be visually soothing but can also shape-shift in a matter of minutes into terrifying vapor monsters, unloading suddenly millions of gallons (or liters) of water or even icy hail bombs and 100-million-Volt lightning bolts on us. Clouds can bring unimaginable destruction. But Clouds also bring life. Clouds drift by in all colors of the spectrum, build giant towers all the way into space and determine ultimately our entire landscape. From Native Americans to the ancient beliefs of the Chinese - for thousands of years clouds have played a major part in many cultures and have inspired some of the greatest thinkers to formulate their feelings about clouds.
The award winning photographer and writer Christoph Stopka has spent many years photographing clouds and has now assembled a truly stunning selection of images for his book "Clouds". Bizarre shapes, iridescent colors, often mind bending in scale - this book offers a never before seen collection of breathtaking images documenting Nature's fantasy world in the sky.

Frozen World

Experience a fascinating and largely hidden world of winter like it has never been seen before: Stunningly beautiful close-ups of delicate snowflakes and otherworldly - often microscopically tiny - formations of intricate ice crystals, and iridescent air bubbles frozen mid-motion in high alpine creek ice. In his amazing book “Frozen World” the award-winning photographer Christoph Stopka has captured the frozen wonders of winter in a fragile, supercool fairytale land of ice and snow . Temporary pieces of art made only by nature. In addition to more than 120 incredible photos the book offers also many astonishing facts about winter as well as powerful musings from poets and authors from around the globe, celebrating their relationship with nature and winter.

It took Christoph Stopka more than five years (“…and many frostbitten fingers, toes and ears…”) to photograph the extraordinary images for this unique book around his hometown of Westcliffe, high up in the mountains of Colorado. Frequently crawling on all fours across often brittle ice of remote, frozen creeks, looking for unusual formations of ice crystals or chasing snowflakes in blizzard conditions and enduring many nights outdoors in sub-zero temperatures in the company of howling coyotes.